We’re proud to report some truly amazing news from the recent festivities surrounding the Monaco Grand Prix.   Over the weekend, Monaco’s Billionaire Club – created by Flavio Briatore and Samy Sass – sold one of our incredible Armand de Brignac Dynastie collections for a record € 350,000!    The Dynastie, which encompasses one of each available size of our flagship Brut Gold cuvee, includes nine bottles, from our standard 750ml bouteille all the way up to our record-breaking 30L “Midas.”  The Dynastie is equivalent to 109 regular-sized bottles of Champagne and is the most extensive – and perhaps most expensive – listing of Champagne ever offered!

The buyer, a British entrepreneur and business advisor to the ultra-wealthy, was delivered the Dynastie by a procession of 12 wait-staffers, who carried in the nine bottles in a seemingly endless parade of gold; the Midas alone required four men to carry it to the buyer’s table in one of our giant golden “Roman Litter” buckets. 

Watch a video of the procession here (from the Daily Mail): http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2332675/British-millionaire-spends-330-000-single-round-champagne--needed-12-staff-help-serve-it.html

…and for another look at the proceedings, check out Billionaire’s own official video footage from the event: vimeo.com/armanddebrignac/billionairemonaco

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